Cruise self-driving car appears to block S.F. mass shooting scene

ACruise self-driving taxi wandered into a chaotic crime scene in the Mission District on Friday night and appeared to block emergency responders as they aided nine victims wounded in a mass shooting.

Videos of the incident posted by bystander Paul Valdez show the car stopped in the middle of a street, its red and white Cruise logo gleaming from a rear passenger door, as an official frantically issued commands for someone to move it.

The car was “blocking emergency, medical and fire — I gotta get it out of here now,” an officer appears to shout in the video, while walking over to the stalled vehicle and shining a flashlight in its window.

Cruise responded to the video with a series of tweets that expressed sympathy for the shooting victims — a 19-year-old woman and seven men ranging from 22 to 35 years old — while denying that the car had disrupted emergency crews