Cruise Control and Brakes Fail, Trapping Driver in Car for 300 Miles

According to Carscoops, Mr. Luo was driving his H6 from Changsha, in Hunan province, to Yichun, in Jiangxi, a roughly 120-mile trip. He had set his cruise control to 62 mph when he realized he couldn’t slow down.

Once he realized the position he was in, Mr. Luo admits the terrifying situation got the best of him momentarily, and he began to weep. Once he composed himself, he called China’s highway patrol and informed them of his runaway vehicle.

Once the police were on the case, they reached out to Haval engineers to see if they had a slick fix to the software problem. After multiple attempts, the designers were stumped, and Mr. Luo kept rolling.

After trying everything they could think of to safely stop the car, the police eventually decided to clear a path and let the car run itself dry on fuel.