Cruise control and assisted parking most baffling car technology features, drivers say

Four in ten drivers feel they are not making the most of their cars – as technology like cruise control, assisted parking, and assisted braking leave them feeling baffled.

More than half of motorists (55%) admit they didn’t even realise their car came with certain features – such as lane assist (18%) or blind spot alert (19%) – until they had owned it for six months.

Over two-thirds (68%), of the 500 car owners polled, who have a motor that is less than two years old, admit they struggle to fully understand everything that their car can do – from sports mode and electronic handbrakes, to connecting to Bluetooth devices, or wireless smartphone connectivity…

The research was commissioned by Hyundai, which has also created a quiz to expose the untapped potential of modern technology in new cars, and give drivers the knowledge they need to make their car-owning experience more pleasurable.