Cruise CEO says backlash to driverless cars is ‘sensationalism’

Residents and city officials here are increasingly fed up with the self-driving cars that have blanketed the city, as they run into issues from getting stuck in wet concrete to colliding with a firetruck.

But in an interview with The Washington Post, the CEO of the driverless car company Cruise said much of the angst should just be chalked up to anti-robot bias. “Anything that we do differently than humans is being sensationalized,” Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt said…

He said, it is time for the public to eliminate the “double standard” that it has for human drivers and driverless cars, saying that more “mundane” issues — like stopping short in traffic or veering into a bike lane — wouldn’t catch any attention if it was a human driver, but would cause a firestorm if it was a driverless car.