Continental’s “Vision Zero” is a world with no crashes, and a sign of the times

A press release on the company’s website details its future plans to work on tuning ABS and tires to work together for safer handling. That’s right, Continental is building ABS systems now, and we’re starting to see it pop up on motorcycles.

Continental also says it’s working with the Stop The Crash initiative. This is a “multi-stakeholder partnership led by ?Global ?NCAP,” and no doubt its efforts will go a long way towards convincing bureaucrats to mandate ABS on all motorcycles (this has already happened in Europe) and other similar moves…

The major European OEMs are all working on AI and onboard sensor arrays that help your motorcycle avoid trouble before it even happens. Kawasaki’s tech is even more far-out, with an AI pilot that adjusts the traction control and ABS systems to fit your riding style, while keeping you safe.