Consumer Reports calls Ford’s automated driving tech much better than Tesla’s

Tesla’s Autopilot, which at its core combines lane keeping assist with traffic aware cruise control to help guide a car down a highway, was once groundbreaking technology.

But today more than half of new vehicles are available with similar advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS. And in a recent ranking by Consumer Reports, which tested ADAS from 12 different carmakers, Tesla’s ranked seventh.

The best such system, according to Consumer Reports, is Ford’s BlueCruise.

In addition to Ford’s system, ADAS technology from General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, and Volkswagen all ranked higher than Tesla’s.

These include systems offered by luxury brands like GM’s Cadillac, Toyota’s Lexus and VW’s Audi. The system offered by Hyundai, Kia and Genesis, three closely related South Korean car brands, received the lowest score in Consumer Reports’ testing.