Connecting the DOTs: How Data Improves Work Zone Safety

In an effort to both improve safety and future-proof their infrastructure investments, the Indiana DOT (INDOT) partnered with Purdue University and the team at Wejo to advance their understanding of how connected vehicle data could make their roadways safer.

One of the goals of the team at INDOT is incorporating 21st century technology into their long term road plans. By using CVD like the data Wejo provides, INDOT is able to better manage their road assets…

INDOT wanted to take this use of data one step further and deploy resources to their work zones.

The team partnered with Purdue University and studied the why and how behind the accidents that were occurring near work zones. They analyzed accident reports and used vehicle movement insights to understand when hard braking events were happening. Through data analysis, the team quickly uncovered a strong correlation between accidents and hard braking events.