Connecticut test drive track opens $1 million course

A $1 million test track has opened in Colchester, Connecticut, for vehicles that have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Cars with ADAS technology can drive around the 1.5-mile course, on and off ramps, around curves, and over hills to evaluate real-life driving situations, like cars lane drifting or pedestrians walking in front of a car.

“There’s a lot of marketing going on there, but these cars are not self-driving — yet,” said Marta Tellado, the CEO of Consumer Reports, which owns the track. “The future may see that, and we need to be ready for it and that’s where this new loop is really going to help us adapt and not only test but shape the safety of those cars when they do come in the market.”

“‘Cause we have to get ahead of the technology, not just trail behind it,” she added.