Connected Mercedes Vehicles to Improve Boston’s Roads

Mercedes cars are going to be used to improve Boston’s roads in a first-of-its-kind vehicle-to-infrastructure pilot program.

Data from connected vehicles will be collected and analyzed to identify which streets in the city require upgrading or urgent maintenance, due to potholes or damaged surfaces.

The initiative – a partnership between Mercedes’ Urban Mobility Solutions and Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) and Citywide Analytics Team – will see participating cars use an advanced algorithm to process data when they collect information on where they encounter bumps on the road.

The Mercedes vehicles taking part in and contributing are fitted with advanced suspension systems. “These can register bumps during sudden suspension compression and rebound at the front axle, as well as at the rear axle with a certain time delay,” according to the company.

This data can be collected anonymously from vehicles whose owners have opted into data sharing via the “Mercedes me” app.