Congestion pricing in NYC, explained

As decades of mismanagement continue to wreak havoc on the city’s transportation infrastructure, congestion pricing has once again been touted as a viable solution, both for the crumbling subway system and for the gridlock that clogs the city on a daily basis.

Back in January, a traffic advisory panel appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo—which includes a number of former city and state politicians, the chairman of the Regional Plan Association, and the mayor of Yonkers—released a report outlining how congestion pricing could be implemented in New York City. The biggest takeaway: It could generate between $810 million and $1.1 billion annually, which could then be used to fund critical repairs to the New York City subway.

Now, the state legislature has until April 1 to decide whether or not to adopt that plan, known as FixNYC, as part of the 2019 budget.