Commercial vehicles charge toward electric future

Commercial vehicles are going electric through launches of demonstration fleets of varying sizes testing the viability of running on battery power or hydrogen fuel cells instead of diesel.

In a study by M.A. Mortenson Co. based on interviews at the 2019 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, 60% of respondents said electricity is the best clean technology option and 80% said they think the range between charging will meet their needs within five years…

Smaller commercial vehicles, like pickup and delivery vans, get the most interest because their electric propulsion systems require fewer batteries that take up space for cargo. They also keep regular routes and can be recharged after hours at a centralized facility with a minimal energy draw. Frequent stops add energy back into the vehicles through regenerative braking.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 37% of freight moved less than 100 miles in 2015.