Columbus ranks 11th among global cities in smart city report

A new report that ranks cities around the world when it comes to smart development and use of technology to help their cities puts the major international hubs of Singapore, Seoul and London first, second and third.

The top U.S. city is New York, ranked sixth, according to a new report from Eden Strategy Institute, a consulting firm based in Singapore that, among other things, supports companies and governments to bring innovation.

The next U.S. city to make the list: Columbus, which ranks 11th — ahead of San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Moscow.

More than 230 cities were evaluated by the institute for the study, which looks at the role played by city governments as a driver for what it calls smart development in terms of deploying technology in their cities along with efforts to help residents use that technology.

Columbus scores so well in large part because it won the Smart City competition in 2016.