CMU, North Huntingdon to join in Route 30 study to improve mobility

“We want to look at the broader issue of mobility,” North Huntingdon Assistant Manager Michael Turley said.

Turley’s challenge to CMU was to find a solution to alleviate congestion, while ensuring safety and anticipating travel demands, said Lisa Schweyer, program manager for Traffic 21, one of the CMU groups that will study the problem….

The mobility challenges presented by North Huntingdon and the Airport Corridor Transportation Association were selected by Traffic 21 and Mobility 21 based on the availability of data to answer their problems. The challenges had to match the strengths of CMU’s Mobility Analytics Center team. The Hillman Family Foundation and the National University Transportation Center at CMU are funding the $80,000 study.

“Smart transportation is not just for Smart Cities,” said Stan Caldwell, executive director of Traffic 21 and Mobility 21.