CMU Cylab launches IoT security initiative

Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab launched the Secure and Private Internet-of-Things Initiative this week.

The initiative aims to use collaborative research to create new capabilities in privacy and security for the IoT, said Vyas Sekar, who will co-direct the initiative with fellow CMU professor Anthony Rowe. CMU Cylab is the university’s security and privacy institute.

Sekar said there are a lot of concerns regarding IoT security, and rather than just hypothetical fears he said many of the concerns are real threats. He referenced the Dyn Cyberattack of 2016 in which hackers gained control of smart IoT cameras and caused major internet services and platforms to become unavailable.

Researchers and students will partner with Amazon Web Services, Infineon Technologies and Nokia Bell Labs for the initiative. Sekar said Cylab will continue to consider partnerships with up to a total of ten companies who are leaders in the IoT industry in both hardware and software aspects.