City hopes $12 million in paving needs can be managed with high-tech solution

City leaders and citizens can look forward to a more accurate scope of the city’s $12 million in paving needs after a high-tech survey company wrapped up its work this weekend.

Montgomery announced last week that it had partnered with Pittsburgh-based Roadbotics to analyze some of the city’s worst roads to improve upon their binary system of road rating. The new analysis will rate about 200 miles of road. Officials hope the new technology will make picking roads for repair less subjective as budget talks draw near and the annual tussle over paving needs begins.

“We have been making a really big effort toward open data and smart cities initiatives and things that can help us with our operations, things that can inform us maybe a little better,” said Chris Conway, director of public works. The road survey will accompany a slate of other data portals on the city’s website.