Cities Struggle to Contain Curbside Congestion

Some of the most sought-after real estate in cities may end up being the space next to a curb. Thanks to online shopping, curbsides in dense urban areas now have to make way for delivery vehicles, in addition to electric vehicle charging ports, bike-share docking stations, smart parking meters or kiosks, and of course, pedestrians. The increasing number of curbside functions are far removed from merely parking a vehicle.

“As we think about reimagining our curbsides and redesigning our streets, we need to think about where the delivery activity is going to happen and where necessary distribution activity might happen,” said Alison Conway, an expert on transportation logistics challenges, e-commerce, and urban street-space. Conway spoke at City College in New York on Wednesday, April 18 during a Meeting of the Minds webinar. Meeting of the Minds is a nonprofit dedicated to studying smart cities issues and solutions.