Cities shouldn’t leave curb management to private sector: T4A

Dive Brief:
Without a universal curb standard, cities should not depend on the private sector to lead effective and equitable curb space management, says a new report from Transportation for America (T4A).

In a series of principles released by the third cohort of its Smart Cities Collaborative (SCC), the group said curb management should be focused on serving all road users, not just those in cars. They also said it should serve those who are not connected to the digital network, in addition to serving people with disabilities, low-income residents, and residents who are Black, Indigenous and people of color.

SCC added that curbside management standards should be easily transferable to a jurisdiction of any size, land use and density, and cities must rethink how they communicate about the value and use of the curb to their residents. In time, T4A officials said they hope the principles will lead to what they called universal curbside language and standards (UCLS).