Cities Focus on Urban Curbs and How to Manage Them

The near overnight rise of on-demand deliveries, as well as more standard fare e-commerce, has introduced new demands for city curbsides. Factor in the quick drop-off and pickup needs of Uber and Lyft, combined with the zippiness of scooters and bikes, and the curbside has never been busier.

The curb is an old part of every city ripe for innovation and new digital tech, say urban advocates.

In Las Vegas, Cox Communications has entered a pilot partnership with the city to introduce its Cox2M curb management system to help manage downtown congestion. Curbside kiosks collect video data, making vehicle type and license plate information to kickoff a countdown clock alerting drivers when they’ve spent too much time on a curb.

Another project in Aspen, Colo., established “smart zones” where delivery drivers use an app to book small delivery reservations. The technology, provided by Coord, has made for a smoother orchestration of goods coming into the city’s small downtown.