Chinese tech giant Baidu to build world’s largest fully driverless ride-hailing service area in 2023

Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc announced plans on Tuesday to build the world’s largest autonomous ride-hailing service area in 2023. The announcement came during a celebration of Apollo Day, Baidu’s autonomous driving tech event.

The plan outlined a goal to expand the operation area for Baidu’s fully driverless robotaxis, allowing it to reach more potential customers. Additionally, the company revealed a series of new technology breakthroughs including an AI big model built for autonomous driving perception, high-definition autonomous driving maps, a closed-loop autonomous driving data system, and the successful end-to-end adaptation of AI chips for autonomous vehicles.

Chen Jingkai, Baidu’s autonomous driving technology expert, said the generalization ability of its autonomous driving technology has progressed at a more advanced pace than expected. Now, the lead time to deploy autonomous driving technology in a new city is only 20 days.