China releases guideline for intelligent-vehicle basic maps

China’s Ministry of Natural Resources has recently released a guideline for the standard system construction for intelligent-vehicle basic maps.

The document guides the standardization of these maps from the aspects of general application, production update, application service, quality detection, and safety management.

It stresses promoting the coordinated development of these maps and geographic information with automobile, information and communication, electronics, transportation, information security, password, and other industries, and gradually forming a standard system of intelligent-vehicle basic maps that meets the needs of the country’s technological and industrial development.

The guideline proposes that more than 10 standards for intelligent-vehicle basic maps should be developed in advance, covering technical requirements and specifications such as basic general application and data acquisition to meet the urgent needs of deep application of intelligent-vehicle basic maps.

According to the guideline, China will initially build a standard system for intelligent-vehicle basic maps to support autonomous vehicle driving by 2025.