Chicago Mayor Defends Speed Camera Tickets as Safety Issue

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended her plan to begin issuing speed camera tickets for cars going 6 mph over the limit, declaring on Monday “it’s clearly a public safety issue” while pushing back against criticism that the proposal is a cash grab that will hurt lower-income Chicago motorists.

Lightfoot also said the city has seen “exponentially” more “speed-related accidents and deaths” this year, which she used to support her argument for implementing new speed camera standards that will catch more drivers…

Lightfoot made her comments days after the Tribune first reported the mayor’s proposal to lower the standard for speed camera tickets as part of her plan to close a $1.2 billion deficit. But it remains to be seen whether the public will believe Lightfoot that the cameras are for public safety or fault the mayor for going back on a key campaign pledge to end what she’s called the city’s “addiction” to fines and fees.