Check Point and Argus Cyber Security develop solution to car hacking

As Argus’ VP of Marketing Yoni Heilbronn tells Geektime, his company provides the security for the systems within the vehicle, while Check Point has integrated their Capsule solution.
In the average car, there are dozens of electronic control units (ECU) that are essential for everything from brakes, to steering, to communications and entertainment. Once some of them are connected to the internet, they become hackable. “It’s only a matter of time and resources until someone can hack these systems,” says Heilbronn, adding that, “Like every other sector, there is no 100% security. There’s a convergence of the IT and automotive world. In the end, this is a sector that is susceptible to cyber attacks.”“Our focus is on the connectivity itself,” explains Check Point’s VP of Business Development Alon Kantor. “We are providing a platform that connects the car to the cloud.”