‘Charging As A Service’ For Electric Vehicles Growing As A Market Offering

Which Charging As A Service offering will win-out or is there sufficient demand to warrant all of the growing supply? Good questions. There are multiple market studies that suggest fleets — especially service contractors and local businesses — will shift to EVs to save on operational fuel, repair expenses and sustainability impacts with many of them welcoming battery assistance. But just like most market segments, if there will be winner(s), it likely shall be those design the user experience around the customers’ ease of use. “To meet the global demand for electric transportation, the ability to deploy and manage EV charging must be both simple and accessible for all,” suggests Yosuke Matsumoto, the General Manager of New Downstream Division at Mitsui, EV Connect’s investment partner.

In other words, customers appear amped up for this growing change, as long as it’s easy.