CFX will test a possible future for EV driving, charging as you go

When the five-mile Lake/Orange Expressway is completed in 2026, it will have one mile that’s electrified for charging electric vehicles.

Executive Director Laura Kelley of the Central Florida Expressway Authority said that pilot program will cost about $10 million. The toll road’s overall cost? $460 million.

Kelley said that, down the road, it could lead to freight being shipped across the country without the need to stop and refuel.

The one mile of wireless charging will use technology patented by the European company Evolgy. The expressway authority is building it in partnership with ASPIRE, an engineering research center supported by the National Science Foundation at Utah State University.

Kelley, who is chair-elect of the ASPIRE excutive advisory board, and CFX governing board chairman Sean Parks are in Logan, Utah, this week for ASPIRE’s annual meeting.