Central Ohio Sees Itself as ‘Lab’ for Connected Vehicles

Central Ohio continues to reassert itself as a destination for transportation innovation. The region is home to the Beta District, a coordinated network of transportation tech testing and deployment opportunities…

Marysville, the city of Dublin, the U.S. 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and the Transportation Research Center make up the Beta District, which is, in part, an effort by the region to attract transportation tech companies and secure the Columbus area as a leader in developing connected vehicles, intelligent traffic management, electric vehicles and other technologies.

Marysville, which sits in the middle of the Beta District, is home to a large Honda manufacturing facility and has connected vehicle technology embedded in all 31 of its traffic signals. Meanwhile, Dublin, with its 100 gigabit fiber network, has helped to create “an open playground to safely test and deploy technology in real-world scenarios,” said Megan O’Callaghan, deputy city manager and chief finance and development officer for Dublin.