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  • 08-01-18
    CMU Team wins Greenshield’s Prize

    January 2018 T-SET researcher Dr. Sean Qian, Assistant Professor in CMU’s CEE program Yiming Gu, and Ph.D. student Guohui Zhang won the 2017 Greenshields Prize at the TRB Annual Conference for their paper, “Traffic State Estimation for Urban Road Networks Using a Link Queue Model.” The Greenshields prize, honoring Dr. Bruce D. Greenshields, is awarded to the do whatever you want to update

  • 07-01-18
    TRB Students of the Year

    January 6, 2018 T-SET UTC students, Max Li of the University of Pennsylvania and Amanda Johnson of Carnegie Mellon University, won the U.S. DOT’s Outstanding Student of the Year Awards. They were recognized for their achievements and accomplishments in the field of transportation during the Council of University Transportation Centers Banquet during the annual winter do whatever you want to update

  • 07-01-18
    Research Assistant Represents UTC at TRB War Games

    January 7, 2018 At the 2018 Transportation Research Board Conference, the first ever ‘War Games‘ was held to bring together all types of transportation professionals and develop and understanding on potential trends and scenarios arising as new technologies come to market. CMU’s UTC was represented by Mobility21 research assistant Amanda Johnson who participated on the do whatever you want to update

  • 07-01-18
    Amanda Johnson Participates in TRB War Game

    January 7, 2018 The 2018 TRB Annual Meeting hosted its first Strategic War Game, and a video has been released to summarize this year’s event. War games are fast-paced simulations involving teams that represent a market or customer, a set of competitors, and a series of other uncontrollable factors or entities. Amanda Johnson, student researcher do whatever you want to update

  • 03-11-17
    Intelligent Transportation Society World Congress 2017

    The Intelligent Transportation Society hosted its World Congress 2017 in Montréal from October 29th to November 2nd. Stan Caldwell, Executive Director at Traffic21 Institute, participated in a panel discussion on the SMART Belt Coalition, a multi-state collaboration, and infrastructure challenges and opportunities. Several CMU students and faculty also participated: Adam Mistick (pictured above), MS candidate do whatever you want to update

  • 03-11-17
    Smart Mobility Challenge

    Awardees of the Smart Mobility Challenge, Alexandre Jacquillat, Bernardo R. Pires, and Sean Qian, spoke to CMU students about how innovative technology can improve mobility. This was the first events of the new Smart Mobility Connection forum, a bi-weekly series to connect faculty and students interested in transportation.

  • 23-10-17
    Women in Transportation & Government Seminar

    Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Leslie S. Richards, and Traffic21 and Mobility21’s Courtney Ehrlichman joined Heinz students for the Women in Transportation & Government panel discussion. Both women shared personal stories on how they found themselves in leadership roles in transportation, and the barriers they overcame. The discussion was moderated by Melanie Harrington, President and do whatever you want to update

  • 23-10-17
    Heinz College and PennDOT Coordinated Facebook Live Interview

    Traffic21 research assistant Amanda Johnson, and Women in Intelligent Transportation fellow Ngani Ndimbie were joined by Secretary Leslie S. Richards for a Heinz College and PennDOT coordinated Facebook Live interview. Both Heinz students discussed with the Secretary their internships at PennDOT over the summer, and the importance of increasing diversity in government. Amanda and Ngani do whatever you want to update

  • 20-10-17
    Traffic21 UTC researchers Srinivasa Narasimhan and Robert Tamburo win the 3Rivers Venture Fair, for their Smart Headlight project

    Traffic21 UTC researchers Srinivasa Narasimhan and Robert Tamburo win the 3Rivers Venture Fair, for their Smart Headlight project. Congratulations! @Traffic21_TSET — Traffic21 (@Traffic21_TSET) June 20, 2018  

  • 13-10-17
    Distinguished Speaker Series: Professor R. Jayakrishnan

    Professor R. Jayakrishnan from the University of California-Irvine presented his research on collaborative consumption in transportation as the first 2017-2018 Distinguished speaker. Professor Jayakrishnan’s presentation “User-Driven Service Order Adjustment for Efficiency in Collaborative Consumption of Transportation Supply,” suggested that a paradigm-shift in transportation, initiated by more peer-to-peer communication, presents a new opportunity for users to do whatever you want to update

  • 13-10-17
    2017 Women in Transportation RISS Intern

    Stephanie Milani was this summer’s Women in Transportation Robotics Institute Summer Scholar (RISS) intern, with funding from Mobility21. The Riss program is an eleven-week research program that allows undergraduate students to work on cutting-edge robotics projects in one of the top robotics for undergraduate programs in the world. Stephanie is currently a junior at the do whatever you want to update

  • 10-10-17
    Transportation Engineering Conference

    Traffic21 and T-SET UTC’s Stan Caldwell spoke at the Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference in Columbus Ohio. Caldwell participated in a panel on the Smart Belt Coalition, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between transportation and academic partners from Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that seeks to enhance emerging technologies across state lines.

  • 06-10-17
    University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson Engineering Seminar Series

    T-SET UTC researcher Zhen (Sean) Qian presented “Statistical Interference of Probalistic Origin-Destination Demand Using Day-to-Day Traffic Data” at the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson engineering seminar series. Qian’s research involves developing a novel theoretical framework for estimating the mean and variance matrix of O-D demand considering the day-to-day variation induced by travelers’ independent route choices.

  • 06-10-17
    UTC’s New Diversity Fellow

    Traffic21 welcomes its new Diversity Fellow, Allanté Whitmore. Whitmore is excited to finally be at Carnegie Mellon, where she says thirst for knowledge is encouraged and the interdisciplinary culture is powerful. While she’s a veteran to the field of engineering, she’s taking her first swing at public policy.

  • 06-10-17
    Chris Hendrickson Attends Odyssey Day

    T-SET researcher Chris Hendrickson attended Odyssey Day in Oakdale, hosted by Pittsburgh Regional Clean Cities and the Community College of Allegheny County, a consortium member of CMU’s UTC for Improving Mobility. Odyssey day is an annual event that focuses on leading edge research promoting alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. Activities included Ride-n-Drives, vehicles displays of a do whatever you want to update

  • 06-10-17
    Mobility Lab’s symposium, “Autonomous Vehicles”

    Traffic21 and T-SET UTC’s Courtney Ehrlichman attended Mobility Lab’s Symposium, “Autonomous Vehicles: Planning Impacts on Cities and Regions” in Washington D.C. The symposium, convened by the American Planning Association, National League of Cities, Eno Transportation Center, and others, included panel discussions and scenario-base planning to set the direction for future research and education to prepare cities do whatever you want to update

  • 04-10-17
    UTC’s Chris Hendrickson Presents to Fellow UTC

    Traffic21 Director Chris Hendrickson presented as a distinguished speaker at a transportation seminar held by the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Hendrickson presented CMU’s research efforts in ‘transformational transportation technologies’ supported by Traffic21 and related University Transportation Centers. His presentation is available here.

  • 03-10-17
    Transportation Research Board’s Future Interstate Study

    Traffic21 and T-SET UTC congratulate Chris Hendrickson for his role in the Transportation Research Board’s Future Interstate Study. Hendrickson is one of fourteen committee members- experts in transportation research, planning, and policy, who will play an integral role in revisioning our interstate system. Over the course of 30 months, members will hear from key stakeholder do whatever you want to update

  • 01-06-17
    UTC Faculty Sean Qian Published in Elsevier Journal Transportation Research

    June 1, 2017 The Elsevier Journal published UTC Faculty, Sean Qian and another CMU researcher in their Transportation Research for their research into a theoretical approach to identify optimal traffic routing strategy for managing transportation systems. Read the full article titled “A stochastic optimal control approach for real-time traffic routing considering demand uncertainties and travelers’ choice do whatever you want to update

  • 30-05-17
    UTC Faculty Published in Elsevier Journal for Work with Lane Management Models for AV

    May 30, 2017 Infrastructure will have to adapt to connected and autonomous vehicles. UTC Faculty, Sean Qian and a team were published in Elsevier Journal for a model can serve as a useful decision tool for near future CAV lane management. Read the full article titled “A mixed traffic capacity analysis and lane management model do whatever you want to update

  • 14-05-17
    UTC Faculty Published for work with Statistical Traffic Assignment

    May 14, 2017 Static traffic assignments play an important role in roadway operations and planning. UTC Faculty Sean Qian was published in the Elsevier Journal’s Transportation Research for his work titled ‘On the variance of recurrent traffic flow for statistical traffic assignment” Read the full article.

  • 27-02-17
    UTC Faculty and Team Published in Elsevier Journal for Meter Data Research

    February 28, 2017 UTC Faculty Sean Qian and another CMU Faculty member from CEE were published in the Elsevier Journal’s Transportation Research on estimating on-street time-varying parking. Read the full article titled “Turning meter transactions data into occupancy and payment behavioral information for on-street parking.”

  • 28-01-17
    UTC Faculty Published for Research on Fare Policies

    2017 Have you ever wondered if fare policies on public transit effect dwell time? UTC Faculty Sean Qian used Pittsburgh as a case study to answer the question. Read the full article “Effect of Fare Policies on Dwell Time” to learn more.

  • 01-07-16
    UTC Faculty Published in Elsevier Journal

    July, 2016 UTC Faculty Sean Qian and Costa Samaras were published in the Elsevier Journal’s Transportation Research for their research on Effectiveness of incentives on electric vehicle adoption in Norway. To learn how effective Norway adopted electric vehicles, Read the Full Article.

  • 21-02-16
    UTC Faculty Sean Qian Published in Elsevier Journal

    February 21, 2016 UTC Faculty and Director of the Data Mobility Center, Sean Qian, was published in the Elsevier Journal’s Transportation Research for his work with Real-time traffic incident detectionusing social media data. To learn how we can use social media to predict traffic, read the full article.