Carriers should invest in technology to attract Gen Z workers, experts say

With the U.S. workforce slowly undergoing a change from baby boomers to a labor pool full of Generation Z workers, attracting and retaining candidates can be challenging for employers, especially trucking companies.

Truck driving is a hard profession and is often a job of last resort for many workers, but leveraging technology to attract younger employees is something almost any company can do, said Jamison Craig, head of growth-North America at Quincus, a Singapore-based software-as-a-service platform for logistics.

Craig said many carriers are still using outmoded methods for such things as route optimization, communications and even updates on wait times at loading docks…

Craig said trucking companies can address route optimization, wait times and delays by investing in fleet management software programs, along with technology such as dash cams, sensors for trailers, fluid maintenance and tire pressure.