Car Companies Add New Features To Protect Drivers From Distracted Teens

Now, several car manufacturers want to stop the trend of distracted teen driving. The new Chevy Malibu has many features you’d expect in a mid-size sedan, and a few you might not. “The moment I unbuckle my seatbelt the music stops,” Chevrolet’s Chad Lyons explained. It’s part of a system called ‘Teen Driver.’  Parents can also set a maximum speed limit, teens get a warning if they surpass it.  Ford’s ‘My Key’ has several similar settings. Hyundai’s ‘Blue Link’ will send parents a text if their child drives too far from home. AAA’s Robert Sinclair Jr. said the features can save lives.  “Car crashes kill approximately 2,600 teens a year and injure 130,000,” he said. In the Malibu, parents can also view a report card showing how far their child drove, the top speed, and if there were any near collisions.