Can travel make you happy? Many Americans plan to find out as they plan trips for 2022

These travel trends could affect your happiness in 2022
It’ll be more unpredictable than ever. “I expect restrictions will continue to be very dynamic based on both local COVID vaccination and infection rates,” predicts Stan Caldwell, executive director of Carnegie Mellon’s Traffic21 Institute. If you like adventure, this may be your year.

Prices will rise. As more people book trips, rates will increase. Fare analysts at the airfare app Hopper forecast that ticket prices to Europe will jump about 12% this fall and will average $750 round trip. Roland Rust, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, sums up the outlook in a few words: “High prices and fewer options.” So book now if you see a rate you can live with because it’s not getting any cheaper.