Can Smartphones Make Us Safer Drivers?

Researchers at the IIHS say Do Not Disturb modes and limiting infotainment screen functionality are just the tip of the iceberg. For example, the US could emulate Europe’s mandated intelligent speed assistance (a system that alerts drivers as they exceed the speed limit) through individual smartphones.

This would not allow for more personalized notifications, but it could significantly reduce the amount of lead time needed to equip vehicle fleets with the technology. Specifically, the IIHS says using Google and Apple maps could allow for a rollout overnight of this statistically proven safety measure.

A decent, front-facing camera is a cornerstone of every smartphone these days, and the IIHS says these cameras could protect drivers of older vehicles. With an increased federal focus on automatic emergency braking and forward collision warnings, the institute suggests smartphone cameras could provide drivers with a sort of homemade forward collision warning.