Can Autonomous Vehicles Change Short-Term Car Leasing?

The Benefits for Short-Term Car Leasing
In addition to the general benefits of short-term leasing, autonomous vehicles could also bring these positives to the industry:
• Lower risks for drivers through reduced crashes and vehicle damage
• Cost savings on repairs, maintenance and insurance costs
• Subsequent lower pricing on short-term lease contracts
• Cleaner, more eco-friendly running, since the majority of autonomous cars are and will be electric
• Cost savings on fuel
• More efficient driving and reduced travel time for drivers
• Access to the latest in smart vehicle tech for customers
• Positive PR and brand awareness for leasing companies that will be able to provide these services

The Issues for Short-Term Car Leasing…
…These include:
• Concerns about the reliability of the technology
• Not enough testing in all weather conditions
• A lack of sufficient standards and regulations for autonomous systems
• A lack of trust in machine learning
• Not enough awareness and positive public perception of self-driving cars