Can an app help avoid bike-car collisions on the Burke-Gilman Trail? UW students are testing it

Nationally, casualties to “vulnerable users” have increased since 2009. Last year 5,977 pedestrians and 783 bicyclists died in crashes nationwide.

But the STAR strategy raises questions: Would people become too dependent on tech, instead of slower speeds and eye contact, to avoid crashes? Does the app discriminate against those who can’t afford a cellular plan, or wish to enjoy the trail e-free?

“Just imagine, if we get on a site where eight out of 10 have it and two out of 10 don’t. Are those two more at risk?” said Robert Schneider, chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s pedestrian committee and a professor at University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee. “There are things to be concerned about, but it’s really valuable to have new technology reducing the risk of crashes.”