Cameras are watching: Drivers who speed through Pa. road construction will be ticketed

Starting next week, motorists picked up by work zone cameras traveling in excess of 11 mph over the speed limit in a marked highway work zone will result in a written warning the first time and fines for subsequent violations.

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced on Wednesday that the statewide automated work zone camera program authorized by a 2018 state law is about to begin now that the 60-day pre-enforcement period is ending.

Motorists will be alerted through unique signs posted before entering the enforcement area about the presence of the speed cameras. The areas where the vehicle-mounted camera systems will be used to detect and record motorists exceeding the speed limit are selected by PennDOT and the turnpike commission based on where data suggests they will be effective in ensuring highway workers’ safety.

The cameras will only be operational in those zones when highway workers are present.