California electric vehicle exports, already valued at $3 billion in 2018, expected to hit $3.4 billion in 2019

More and more electric vehicles (EVs) are accelerating onto roads worldwide, and as they gain traction, they’re becoming one of California’s biggest economic exports. Last year, EVs were the state’s 8th most valuable export, worth almost $3 billion in revenue—more than phones, pistachios, and even oil.

In 2019, California’s EV exports are poised to grow further – expected to hit $3.4 billion, which would have made it the state’s fifth most valuable export in 2018.

California’s industrial and manufacturing sectors are often underestimated, but electrified transportation has become a significant economic engine, creating a booming export industry and high-quality jobs in a growing global market. Data from the National Association of Manufacturers show the industry was the 6th largest source of job growth in California’s manufacturing sector in 2018.

Tesla, the only automaker mass-producing light-duty passenger EVs in California today, is currently driving this trend.