California commits $2.6B to sustainable mobility, prioritizing low-income communities

The California Air Resources Board announced Thursday a $2.6 billion clean mobility plan focused on directing benefits from the transportation transition to low-income communities and those disproportionately burdened by pollution. Initiatives will include incentives for cleaner trucks and buses, bike- and car-sharing, and consumer rebates for clean cars.

According to a CARB press release, more than 70% of the $2.6 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23 funding will benefit “priority populations.”…

The plan includes:
More than $2 billion for zero-emission trucks and buses and off-road equipment, including school buses, transit buses, and drayage trucks.
$33 million to help small truck fleets transition to cleaner technologies.
$135 million for demonstration and pilot projects, including commercial harbor craft.
$326 million for consumer vehicle purchase incentives.
$55 million for clean mobility investments.