Build electric truck infrastructure, and they will come, advocates say

One week from today all eyes in the trucking industry will be on California, where air quality regulators are expected to approve a rule that will require truck manufacturers in California to sell a certain percent of electric vehicles..

A group of heavy-duty truck manufacturers (DTNA included) and suppliers today launched the National Zero-Emission Truck Coalition, an initiative advocating for federal charging and refueling infrastructure and increased federal investments in advanced clean transportation technologies

Yesterday, a consortium of utilities in Oregon, Washington and California released a study recommending a network of electric vehicle charging stations for freight haulers at 50-mile intervals along the length of I-5.

Under the West Coast Transit initiative, nine utilities would support medium- and heavy-duty trucks with up to 10 350-kW chargers, said panelist Simon Horton, senior project manager for Southern California Edison (SCE).