Brighter, safer headlights are coming. The question is when

ADB lights combine three features that are innovative and have been proved driving millions of miles in heavily regulated, safety conscious markets.

They consist of:

Arrays of many LED lights
Full-time high beams
Systems to direct light away from other drivers’ eyes and toward street signs, or potential obstacles like a deer by the side of the road.

“We’re talking about a safety system with provable benefits,” Morgan said. “We have reams of data from Europe, but we don’t know when it’ll be legal in the U.S. It’s a huge shame.”

The latest ADB lights use digital cameras to detect oncoming vehicles, street signs, etc. Software turns selected LEDs on or off, keeping light out of oncoming drivers’ eyes and illuminating signs, pedestrians, detours, etc. Early ADBs used lenses or mechanical shutters to do the same thing.