Bridging The Gap Between Smart Cities And Autonomous Vehicles

Smart cities and smart cars are both making progress. The benefits of making this work are obvious even if the rollouts are uneven.

“C-V2X is one of those rare sensors in the vehicle that becomes more valuable with time, so the biggest challenge is to take that first step because more valuable means that the more cars that have it, the better it is,” said Qualcomm’s Misener. “It’s like herd immunity. If I can come to an intersection, and can say with some certitude that a whole bunch of cars are equipped, it gives me more safety. Ford has announced in the U.S., and a whole host of auto OEMs in China have announced, so that first step is happening. After that, people will start to see the benefits. Some of the benefits from small market penetration, but key infrastructure is what’s necessary to accelerate it.