BRAKE TIME: Autonomous Vehicle Testing Endangers Pedestrians

s Congress attempts pass bipartisan legislation regulating self-driving vehicles, an Uber whistleblower wants car companies to pump the brakes on autonomous vehicle testing on public roads.

Former Uber executive Robbie Miller warns that the automobile industry is endangering pedestrians and drivers by testing their prototypes on public streets while continuing to rack up crashes. And virtually every automaker is eager to usher in the driverless future.

“The industry is being really dishonest about where they’re at,” Miller said in an interview on Automotive News’s Shift podcast this week. “We’re crashing as an industry more often than your normal driver would driving in the same domain. It’s kind of crazy to say, ‘Hey we’re going to launch a self-driving car and we can’t even drive safer than your average human when we have all this advanced technology and a safety driver in the vehicle.’”