Bosch’s Electric Drive Turbo-boosts New EV Startups

“From rolling chassis to electric vehicle in 12 to 18 months.” That was the statement made by Harald Kröger, president of Automotive Electronics at Bosch, during a transportation tech presentation. Kröger was referring to Bosch’s new 48-volt electric drive system, consisting of six components, which can be fitted to a wide range of light vehicles.

Bosch’s drive system potentially gives startups an edge, taking care of the entire drivetrain and leaving them to develop a rolling chassis ready to accept battery packs and motors. The availability of modular electric drives, combined with off-the-shelf suspension and steering components, could lead to a proliferation of new electric vehicle startups. New companies can focus on designing vehicle bodies to fit specific niches, without the need for much research and development or large-scale manufacturing lines.