Bosch Ridecare helps fleet owners know when shared cars are dirty

We’ve all heard the phrase “drive it like a rental.” Unfortunately, some people don’t see the value of property they don’t own and are just borrowing or renting. Sometimes these people will take a rental car and purposely abuse it, leave it filthy, or smoke inside it, causing problems for the vehicle owner. Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of sensors and electronic systems for vehicles and other platforms globally. It has revealed a new system called Bosch Ridecare.

Ridecare is a single sensor box able to detect damage to a vehicle or smoke inside the vehicle. The goal of this system is to help keep shared vehicles roadworthy and to ensure they’re clean and don’t smell like smoke. Few things are more annoying to non-smokers than a vehicle that smells like cigarettes. New Ridecare solutions being developed for fleet operators and service providers will prevent this issue from being a problem in fleets of the future.