Bosch Partners With Plus To Power Commercial Vehicles With Semi-Autonomous Driving Features

Plus, formerly known as, is a pioneer in autonomous driving technology—and a company that I have been watching closely for many years. Over the past year or so, it has made huge moves in the trucking industry. For example, I’ve written about its partnerships with big-name fleets and vehicle manufacturers like Amazon, IVECO and Nikola.

Plus’s highly automated driving (HAD) next-gen safety solution, PlusDrive, is changing the trucking landscape and the whole truck-driving experience because it offers attractive safety, driver comfort and fuel economy features that are unprecedented in the commercial vehicle market.

I believe the company has scored its big wins with trucking companies because of its approach to HAD technologies in an already mature market. This approach, which I want to flesh out in this article, is why Plus has the potential to move beyond commercial vehicles and into a broader market of HAD solutions for commercial and passenger vehicles.