Bosch, EU and blockchain companies to build decentralized IoT: IAA Mobility

The engineering and technology company Bosch is at the head of a forthcoming, blockchain-based digital mobility project with backing from the German government, which was demoed live at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, Germany.

At the event, Bosch, alongside collaborators such as Mobix and Peaq Netowork, revealed a peer-to-peer parking and charging scheme utilizing moveIDs on the Peaq ecosystem.

MoveIDs act as self-sovereign identities (SSIs) built on the blockchain, permitting autonomous transactions between vehicles and connected infrastructure. The demonstration at IAA Mobility highlighted autonomous transactions between connected devices: a smart car, charging station and signal for parking…

When asked why mobility was the right sector to begin implementing SSI on a large scale, Dorlöchter highlighted that “with mobility especially, there’s a lot of fragmentation.”

When it comes to mobility, the goal for users is to move from one point to another. This is done via public transport, micro-mobility scooters and car sharing or personal cars, which need parking spots and charging.