Bosch develops A.I. system in cars to detect distracted, tired drivers

German technology firm Bosch has developed what it describes as an “interior monitoring system” for cars that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and cameras.

In an announcement Monday, Bosch explained that the system made use of several cameras and could undertake a number of tasks. The system could go into production in 2022, according to the firm.

One of its features includes a camera that’s integrated into a steering wheel. This can detect when a driver is distracted, when their eyes are becoming heavy, and when they are turning their head towards the rear seats or the person sitting next to them, according to the company.

AI analyzes this information and the system can carry out several actions, including warning distracted drivers, recommending a break, and even slowing the vehicle down. Bosch said the information generated by the interior monitoring system was “neither saved nor passed on to third parties.”