BOOM! New Citi Bike Stats Show Cycling Surge is Real — But Mayor is Not Acting

Citi Bike officials revealed today that customers have taken 67 percent more rides so far this March, compared to the same, coronavirus-free period last year — a huge increase that puts pressure on City Hall to implement emergency measures to ensure the safety of cyclists, some of whom are new to New York’s roadways.

According to the Lyft-owned company, Citi Bike handled 517,768 rides from March 1 through March 11, up from 310,132 during the same period last year and 287,218 the year before — meaning Citi Bike’s members and single-day riders took 80 percent more rides this month than they did during the same period of March, 2018.

The boom comes partly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which has encouraged elected officials to tell New Yorkers to avoid the subways and buses. Mayor de Blasio himself asked New Yorkers to bike to work in a tweet on Sunday.