Bonnie Fan

Traffic21 Women in Transportation Fellow, 2018 – 2020

Bonnie’s interest in urban life, transit, and technology began brewing during her time as an Economics major at the University of Chicago.  She saw the developmental and infrastructure challenges of the  South  Side’s  lower  income and non- white neighborhoods, and also began taking an interest in the entrepreneurship world, particularly with regards to Chicago’s unique bootstrap community and openness to new social solutions. After getting her degree, Bonnie joined the Chicago Transit Authority’s Performance Management team. During this time, she worked with new data systems for service optimization and manpower management and created a new data team as a data scientist.  She would like to continue to investigate new methods of mobility, including through computer vision and other machine learning applications to transportation systems data, the challenges and realms of autonomous vehicles, or the worlds opened up through clever uses of sensors.  Bonnie sees the Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College Data Analytics Track giving her an opportunity to solidify a foundation in both policy and data with application to new mobility technology and its solutions and impact on transportation.