BMW Is Bringing Exciting Car Technology To Bikes Very Soon

The system can detect a vehicle in front and latch onto it, by matching the bike’s speed to that of the target ahead. If the car/bike/truck/bus ahead speeds up, the system automatically opens the gas and you speed up too; if the vehicle slows down, the bike lets off the gas (and applies the brake if necessary) to bring your speed back down as well.

The aim is to maintain a constant gap to the vehicle ahead, and the exact following distance can be set by the rider. The system also features two modes: comfort and dynamic, which change how gently the bike accelerates and brakes. Active cruise control can be a boon on long group rides where you can simply latch onto a fellow rider and ease your workload. Or perhaps even on a solo highway ride, if you happen to spot an inter-city bus that’s on its way to your destination.