Biden Administration Releases Net-Zero Transportation Toolkit

The Biden Administration on Tuesday released a “blueprint” for reaching net-zero transportation emissions nationwide by 2050.

The report is to be considered a “toolkit” for eliminating greenhouse gas production from the country’s transportation, from cars and trucks to planes, trains and shipping, administration officials said.

The plan suggests making it more convenient for communities to get around to grocery stores, workplaces, schools and entertainment venues to reduce the necessity of carbon-heavy transportation; increasing the energy efficiency of existing transportation options; and transitioning away from transportation powered by fossil fuels…

It sets out several recommendations that will help build a net-zero economy by 2050, including transitioning all new vehicle sales to zero-emission models by the middle of the 2030s. More federal incentives for EV and battery research to reduce costs and roll out charging infrastructure are recommended, as are policies to ensure secure supply chains and trained workforces.