Bicycle-to-vehicle (B2V) communications being developed by new consortium

Nine leading bicycle, e-scooter and automakers – including Ford, Specialized, and Trek Bicycle, as initial partners – have announced they are joining SAE Industry Technologies to lead development of a bicycle-to-vehicle (B2V) communication standard.

B2V communication technology developer Tome Software has initiated the unprecedented collaboration with captains of the automotive and cycling industries, establishing a new global effort with the intention of creating safer roads for road users.

The push to make streets safer for all users comes at a time when bicycle usage is at an all-time high. The new consortium will research and consider a wide range of cutting-edge technology options.

B2V technology is designed to allow vehicles to directly communicate with bikes, scooters, and roadside infrastructure, such as traffic signs and construction zones. It also provides opportunities for direct bicycle electronics integration, as well as mobile phone app integration for cyclists.