Between Cars And Micromobility Lies “Minimobility” – A Self-Driving Transportation Revolution

Minimobility means very small and light vehicles that are halfway from a scooter to a car. They are on 2-4 wheels and enclosed from the weather, but are narrow enough you can fit 2 or even 3 in a lane. They fit 1 or 2 passengers, with 2 passengers having to be in a line (possibly face to face) and not side by side…

There’s a reason minimobility cars are not a success today. They don’t work very well at all at being your main car, they can only be a 2nd or 3rd car. That’s true even though 80% of urban trips are solo. Up to now, they’ve been made in small quantities, jacking up the price, and are useful only for that specific (though common) subset of urban trips. They are very easy to park, which has made some people buy them.

It’s a different story when you can get a mini-car on demand that drives itself and delivers itself to your door.